September 30 | Green Chemistry: Pathway toward urban sustainability


Ben Rabe will participate in a panel discussion at Macalester College about green chemistry and its vital role in energy development and urban infrastructure. As part of Macalester’s 23rd Annual International Roundtable, this workshop will also provide insights into the importance of collaboration and cooperation among scholars, chemistry experts, policy makers, and local communities in building sustainable urban areas.

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October 1 | Energy from Renewables: Confronting Global Collapse


The University of Minnesota is hosting a renewable energy workshop at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum on Saturday, October 1. The objective of the workshop is to discuss our use of energy and its environmental consequences leading to climate change. Fresh Energy’s Jukka Kukkonen will be presenting at an afternoon session on Electrifying Transportation and Driving Electric Vehicles in Minnesota.

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Energy Efficiency

Fresh Energy Welcomes Our Summer Fellows

Fellows collage.fw

Fellows help power Fresh Energy programs – and provide professional experience to emerging clean energy leaders. This summer, Fresh Energy is excited to welcome our summer fellows Ana Diaz, Kate Strickland, and Saskia Zinn. We also recently said farewell to our spring fellow Dave Evans.

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