Energy Efficiency

Statement on the Supreme Court’s demand response ruling

“This ruling is absolutely critical to moving us toward a future where energy is used more efficiently and strategically. Minnesota utilities have already begun utilizing demand response programs in Minnesota, such as optimizing customers’ large electric water heaters and air conditioners to save all ratepayers money. But we are only beginning to scratch the surface of this potential. As utilities and regulators develop more sophisticated ways to track and implement demand response techniques into the market we will be able to shave our peak energy demand significantly – creating savings for consumers and utilities alike.”

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Global Warming

Statement from Fresh Energy on new data showing 2015 as warmest year ever

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“These new data confirm that now is the time to take global action to address climate. On the heels of the historic Paris Agreement, it’s crucial that Minnesota continue to lead by example on energy policy that can grow local businesses and create well-paying jobs all while reducing emissions from dirty, imported fuels.”

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