J. Drake Hamilton

J. Drake Hamilton // Science Policy Director

J. Drake Hamilton is Fresh Energy’s Science Policy Director. An expert in climate policy at the state and national levels, her responsibilities include scientific analysis and policy development of clean energy solutions to global warming that will maximize economic opportunities for the Midwest. She represented Fresh Energy at the Paris Climate Summit, and was invited by President Obama to meet with him in the White House. She gives more than 50 invited presentations each year to businesses and civic organizations. J.’s frequent media appearances include television, Minnesota Public Radio, and business press as well as the Washington Post and New York Times and newspapers across Minnesota. J. earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in physical geography from Dartmouth College and the University of Minnesota, with an emphasis on climatology and water resources. She was formerly assistant professor at The George Washington University. Named among Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine’s 100 influential people “who make things happen,” J. was awarded an international leaders fellowship from the European Union, and used that award to study climate policy solutions. She serves on the board of directors of the United States Climate Action Network. J. grows organic peaches, pears, and plums that have won blue ribbons at the Minnesota State Fair.