What we do

Since 1992, Fresh Energy has helped lead Minnesota’s transition to a clean energy economy through advocacy, policy analysis, and public outreach in legislative and regulatory settings. We work in six areas:

Reducing carbon pollution

Fresh Energy promotes state and federal laws and standards that lead to deep, permanent reductions in pollution from burning fossil fuels to produce electricity — providing leadership through science and policy expertise.

Cleaner transportation

Fresh Energy promotes innovative policies that increase use of renewable energy- powered electric cars and buses, and supports improved street design policies and mobility options that help Minnesota communities become cleaner, more connected, and more equitable.


Fresh Energy is committed to making homes, schools, and commercial buildings more energy efficient. Fresh Energy shapes codes for new construction and takes steps to grow the market for energy efficient buildings and support safe and equitable access to energy use data so prospective buyers and renters can make informed decisions, and building owners are inspired to improve efficiency.

Renewable power

Fresh Energy develops and drives Minnesota policies that increase the use of solar, wind, and other renewable energy. Fresh Energy uses technical knowledge to build coalitions across communities that achieve the strong, flexible, and modern electricity grid crucial to a large-scale transition to clean energy.

Energy conservation

Fresh Energy pursues policies that make our economy more efficient — saving consumers money and cutting carbon emissions. Fresh Energy’s work spurs the transition to utility business models that value and promote efficiency.

Independent journalism

Editorially independent from our advocacy work, Fresh Energy publishes U.S. Energy News, Midwest Energy News, and Southeast Energy News — publications that surface crucial stories and shape the narrative on America’s transition to a clean energy economy.