About Fresh Energy

Fresh Energy works to enhance our economy, protect human health and communities, restore our environment, and establish energy independence. In our sustained and coordinated effort to promote a modern, innovative energy system for the 21st century, we provide research, advocacy and innovative policy models while engaging citizens to take action on the energy issues that affect us all.

Fresh Energy’s efforts focus on clean energy and efficiency, transportation and land use, and global warming solutions. With expertise, strong alliances and an impressive track record in each of these important areas, we’re able to maintain a long-range view while also nimbly responding to sudden threats and unexpected opportunities.


Our organization was founded in 1990 under the name Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ME3). The organization was formed to launch Minnesota into the global arena as a leader on clean energy issues. ME3 began as an alliance of organizations working on energy conservation, economic development, environmental protection, neighborhood issues, and civic engagement, and later became an independent organization in its own right.

For more than 15 years we have transformed widely-held environmental and economic ideals into smart government policy. Along the way we’ve grown rapidly, with new expertise in development, communications and media relations. In 2006 we changed our name to Fresh Energy, to better reflect the broader scope of our organization.
We’re not just about Minnesota; we’re about national security, economic prosperity, public health, and environmental protection throughout our region and beyond. Today we’re about fresh ideas and approaches, strategic alliances, new business opportunities and smart policies. We’ve rededicated ourselves to lead the transition to a healthy new energy economy – and we invite you to learn more, get involved, and join us on the journey.

Core Values

  • Integrity - Our work is grounded in our morals and ethics, as well as in each staff member’s desire for an integrated life – what we do is who we are. We do the right thing even when it may not be politically popular, and we trust each other to do the same. We honor our agreements, we are honest in our communications, and we strive to make certain our actions match our words.
  • Fairness - It’s an essential attribute of open-minded, independent evaluation, and it’s a cornerstone of the relationship between Fresh Energy and our members, allies, opponents, and financial supporters. A passion for fairness fuels our work, and our decisions and opinions reflect a commitment to justice and truth.
  • Excellence - The importance of our mission demands that we produce work of the highest quality. To ensure this, we draw upon the expertise, backgrounds, knowledge, points of view, and talents of the Fresh Energy staff, members, board, and collaborating organizations to develop shared solutions. In particular, each staff member takes personal pride and responsibility for the work we do. And no matter how good our work, we are dedicated to making it better.
  • Respect for all People – We respect and embrace the diversity that comes from racial, ethnic, gender, and social differences. Our work is informed by the belief that all people are important and valuable and deserve to be treated with dignity and fairness. We actively work against individual and institutional prejudice and discrimination. We listen to and learn from everyone within our diverse base of members, allies, financial supporters, colleagues, even opponents.
  • Environmental Stewardship – A keen sense of responsibility to care for the earth and create a healthy environment underlies all of our work.
  • Courageous Passion for Progress – Change is inevitable. Positive change is not. In our work, we often promote good ideas in unreceptive environments, against sometimes overwhelming odds. Bravery, dedication, and tenacious spirit help us persevere and maintain a sense of humor while reaching for our goals.