Global Warming

Minnesota’s clean air champions

clouds and blue skyOn September 22, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a dirty air bill (the TRAIN Act), the first part of a toxic agenda to dismantle this country’s clean air protections. This dangerous bill would stop, delay, and otherwise hinder the Environmental Protection Agency’s work to protect human health by setting long-overdue environmental safeguards that will save human lives.

We applaud the Minnesota leaders in Congress who voted against the TRAIN bill and voted for healthier kids and families. Big cheers go out to Representative Keith Ellison, Representative Betty McCollum, and Representative Tim Walz, whose votes make them clean air champions.

President Obama has vowed to veto this bill, should it pass in the Senate and reach his desk.

The day after the TRAIN bill barreled through the House, I spoke at the Moving Planet rally on the lawn of the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul. Moving Planet was created by and partners to inspire leaders to move beyond fossil fuels to reduce climate change and protect the health of our children and families. Minnesotans from many communities joined together on September 24 to learn about the urgent need to put climate protection action in motion.

I spoke to the large crowd about national policy, conveying the participants’common policy request: We ask that the President reaffirm his administration’s commitment to set strong standards that significantly reduce carbon emissions from power plants, as the Clean Air Act requires, without further delay.

Find out who voted against the TRAIN bill and for healthier kids and families.

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