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HOURCAR – are you on board yet?

hourcarSo, I own a car, live on a bus route, and love to bike and walk. But for some reason was uncontrollably intrigued by the premise of HOURCAR—the local car-sharing service that provides members with hourly access to a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles—as soon as I learned the Neighborhood Energy Connection (NEC) was launching it.

Since I wasn’t in need of the service personally, I signed up for an office account, allowing Fresh Energy employees a way to take the bus to work and still make it to meetings across town in the middle of the day. And the more I’ve learned about HOURCAR over the years, the more jazzed I’ve become. Besides all of the awesome environmental benefits that make me feel good, there’s no long-term commitment, reserving and using the cars is super easy, there are 28 locations (with new ones popping up all over the place), they offer student rate plans, and in January, they added a pick-up truck to the fleet!

Now me, the modern-day bus-riding urbanite, has a way to bring home that queen-size mattress I just found on sale, not to mention the 100-pound 1950s postmodern credenza I discovered at a garage sale. All without calling around looking for a friend-of-a-friend to beg and bribe (admit it, you hate doing that too). Having a pickup truck at my disposal on an hourly basis is going to totally change my city-dwelling lifestyle. Thank you HOURCAR for providing me with options, so I can reap the benefits of a truck without actually having to own or maintain one. How does getting around get any better than that?

HOURCAR makes car-sharing a breeze in the Twin Cities (even with a queen-size mattress in tow).

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